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Do you wonder how to diminish the energy waste of your household, how to increase the lifespan of your HVAC appliances and reduce the cost of your energy bills, how to even the temperature in your house’s rooms or how to get rid of the excessive humidity and dust? It’s time you stopped wondering and start taking action by calling a professional team to perform an aeroseal duct sealing Edmonton on the HVAC system of your property, as your problems are most likely caused by leakage in your home’s ductworks.

Not even the most efficient HVAC system is performing at its best, therefore:

  • by using the air conditioner on the unnecessary space of your home, you force your system to work harder, which causes it to wear out sooner and also results in higher energy bills;
  • almost 50% of your energy bills is spent on air conditioning, heating and ventilation;
  • leaky ducts are the cause of energy consumption in value of 30 cents of every $1 of the electrical bill on a house that is heated and cooled through a HVAC system regularly;
  • indoor air quality issues arise and create or aggravate allergy problems due to various pollutants being pulled into your home through leaky ducts;
  • air balance issues and low air flow levels are caused by leaky ducts;
  • it becomes hard to cool or heat the house’s rooms because there are leaky ducts on the property.

By calling a aeroseal duct sealing Edmonton specialist from your local Modern PURAIR office, you will stop having to deal with high energy bills, air balance issues, poor ventilation, problems complying with air flow building codes, excessive dust, constantly running HVAC systems, uncomfortable hot or cold rooms, poor airflow from registers, etc.

Aeroseal duct sealing Edmonton is the process of sealing leaky ducts in the least invasive way. It tackles the leaks from the inside, the process forming pressure and forcing the polymer particles to stick to each other and to the edges of the leak until the leak is completely closed.

Through this innovative method, larger portions of a leaking area are sealed easier, faster and with considerably less effort. There is no need for workers to go into attics or crawlspaces to look for leaks manually, as with the aeroseal duct sealing Edmonton performed by Modern PURAIR no portions of the ductwork will remain unrepaired.

How does it work?

  • the heating and cooling registers are sealed;
  • the duct sealing device is attached to an end of the ductwork and it blows sealant into the system while it continuously measures the level of leakage;
  • deteriorated vents become completely sealed within a timeframe of 4-8 hours since appliance;
  • an improvement in the building’s ambiance can be felt immediately, the system being able to cool and heat the space faster and the indoor air raises in quality as the entry of contaminants is limited;
  • as a plus, at the end of the month, the user will notice a significant decrease of the electrical bill.