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Nest Learning Thermostat

Modern PURAIR® is now a Preferred Concierge Installer and Re-Seller of Nest® Learning Thermostats


If you’re tired of thinking up ways in which you can save money on energy bills, it might be time to consider installing a furnace thermostat in your Edmonton home. The best device on the market is without doubt the Nest Learning Thermostat which you can purchase through your local Modern PURAIR office.

This little piece of equipment does exactly what it is advertised for and it successfully keeps the indoor temperature within optimal parameters while also saving on the household’s energy consumption. The smart furnace thermostat Edmonton Nest Learning Thermostat actively learns the user’s preferences and makes the ambiance comfortable by adjusting the temperature in accordance with the user’s specific schedule. As a plus, by helping the user save on cooling and heating bills, this nifty device basically pays for itself in under two years.

The installation process takes under half an hour, and after a week of usage, the Nest Learning Thermostat starts to automatically adapt to your lifestyle and to the seasons changes. As a plus, it can be remote programmed and controlled through its specialized Nest app. This way, any user can change the temperature with a touch on their portable device’s Nest app as long as the Nest Learning Thermostat is connected to a Wi-Fi Network. Additionally, the application will send you alerts of any issue that might come up, letting you know if your AC or furnace are working well or not, send you alerts when it is time for HVAC filters replacement or cleaning, etc.

How does a Nest Learning Thermostat work?

  • it learns the user’s behavior and it programs the air systems in accordance with his needs and preferences;
  • it shows the user its real energy consumption (under 1kW/month);
  • it adjusts accordingly to the ambient factors;
  • it can be programmed to turn the furnace when the user leaves for work and start it up just before the user arrives at home;
  • it can be controlled remotely when the user is not home with the aid of powerful remote management apps that the user needs to install on a smartphone, tablet or laptop;
  • it can be attached to most 24V cooling and heating systems based on gas, heat pump, electricity, radiant, forced air, oil, solar and geothermal energy, hot water (95% of the existing heating systems on the market);
  • it benefits from functions such as heating, cooling, fan and power setting, heat pump, dehumidifier and humidifier;
  • it is equipped with sensors for temperature, near-field activity, humidity, ambient light and far-field activity;
  • a user can coordinate the Auto-Away function and save even more on energy bills by installing up to 20 thermostats to work together in the same building;
  • any Nest app user can control through his Nest account the Nest Thermostats from two separate locations.

Say goodbye to the thermostat programming hassle, to coming home to an environment with an inadequate temperature or even to scheduled uses of the cooling and heating systems to save up on bills. Through the newest furnace thermostat Edmonton commercialized by Modern PURAIR, you will constantly benefit from an increased comfort in your home.

Auto Schedule™
No more programming hassles. Nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

Auto Away™
Nest automatically turns itself off to an energy-saving temp when your not home.

Remote Control
Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to change the temp or adjust your schedule from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.