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Dryer Vent Cleaning

How does a dryer work?

Nowadays most homes are equipped with a dryer. The device has a cap and duct work through which it eliminates the moisture it recovers from heating damp clothing. Over time lint clogs the vent and causes it to dry less efficiently making it a potential fire hazard.

How do I avoid danger and keep my dryer working?

Statistics show dryer vent malfunctions are causing house fires more often than chimney malfunctions, for example. By performing a professional dryer vent cleaning Edmonton on a regular basis, you can prevent your dryer from not working properly. Having debris, dirt, lint and other particles that accumulate into a dryer vent removed by a trained professional significantly reduces the risk of coming home to a burned down house and/or having to invest in purchasing a new dryer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

The period of time in between dryer vent cleanings depends on the specific layout of the dryer’s ventilation duct work. When the ducts have many bends, corners and twists, the lint collects and builds up faster, increasing the risks of dryer vent fires. Owners should call a professional to check their dryer and have a dryer duct cleaning Edmonton performed on their property when clothing takes longer than usual to dry (or it doesn’t dry at all) after being put in a drying cycle, as well as when the laundry room presents signs of excessive moisture that results in condensation.

On average, a dryer vent cleaning Edmonton should be performed every 2-3 years. However, the length of time might vary from one household to another as lint builds up differently depending on the size of the vent, on how often the dryer is being used, etc.

Why should I call in a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Edmonton company?

By choosing to perform the cleaning process on your own, you might end up causing more troubles than you were trying to prevent. A proper dryer vent cleaning Edmonton can only be performed by trained professionals such as those at our Modern PURAIR local office.

We use only specialized air snakes, air wands and brushes to perform an adequate cleaning of the dryer ventilation system. Our team is also fully qualified to disassemble the system when a thorough sanitization is needed.

Modern PURAIR specialists will solve your dryer issues and help your machinery work efficiently for a longer period of time. This will help you save money in the long run, as your energy bill will decrease considerably since the drying time per session goes back to a normal amount of time when your vent is unblocked.

When you purchase Modern Purair’s dryer duct cleaning Edmonton services, you benefit from:

  • an improvement in the fire safety of your dryer;
  • an increase of your dryer’s efficiency;
  • a decrease of dryer’s operating costs;
  • a decrease in the risk of potential health issues;
  • a reduction in the operating costs of the dryer;
  • a decrease of the mildew and mold growth in the laundry room and in or around the duct work;
  • prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • extension of the dryer’s life span;
  • a reduction of the utility bills;
  • an increase of the clothing life;
  • a faster drying laundry process;

Get ahead of potential dryer vent issues and call a professional dryer duct cleaning Edmonton team to prevent the wear and tear of your drying machine, the increase of your energy bill due to longer drying sessions or even a house fire caused by a dryer malfunction. To stay safe, call 780.628.3270 today.