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Filter Maintenance Programs

Modern PURAIR’s furnace filters Edmonton specialists have the ability and resources to design a personalized filter maintenance schedule which will answer your specific needs.

Why is it important to periodically change the filters of a HVAC system?


Filters need to be selected and maintained according to the indications of trained specialists to avoid the growth of microorganisms in the HVAC systems, vents, coils and ducts. When they are not properly cleaned or not changed in due time, filters get clogged with dirt and restrict the HVAC’s system airflow. A slight change of the filter’s position can allow passage of unfiltered air and cause a tremendous amount of problems: technical, health related, etc.

It is important to periodically change furnace filters Edmonton because this process is significantly less expensive than having to remove the dirt accumulated in the coils, ductwork, fan blades or any other components of the HVAC system or even the inside of your home.

A clean filter allows your furnace to run more efficiently and improves the quality of your home’s air while helping you avoid appliance repairs or replacement and saving you money on energy bills.

Modern PURAIR uses a minimum Merv 8 efficiency filter, with the possibility of upgrading to higher rated option such as Merv 11 and Merv 13.

Without a carefully planned filter maintenance program, you expose your HVAC system to all sorts of problems:

  • The motor will have to work harder and the added stress will lead to its premature failure;
  • Having a decreased airflow running through the HVAC system will increase the energy bills significantly;
  • The indoor air can become up to five times more polluted than the outdoor air when it circulates through a dirty HVAC filter;
  • Allergies can arise with all house inhabitants due to the increased number of airborne irritants circulating through the dirty filter and the indoor air;
  • Significant investments are due in system repairs and part changing when running on a HVAC system with a clogged filter and ducts.

Benefits of a scheduled Edmonton Filter Maintenance Program:

  • improvement of the HVAC’s system performance,
  • increased energy efficiency,
  • extension of the equipment’s lifespan ,
  • prevention of costly repairs,
  • maintenance of safety,
  • high quality clean indoor air.

Call the best furnace filters Edmonton specialist team from your local Modern PURAIR office, and you will have your furnace working at maximum efficiency with an air filter matching the specifications of your HVAC units.

While the details of a personalized filter maintenance program will be discussed with the Modern PURAIR local team, keep in mind in a high season of usage it is recommended to change furnace filters Edmonton at least once every three months.