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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Is the air in your home making your family sick?


Air is invisible, but contaminants are a real threat to the health of your family. That is why you need to take measures, keep the quality of your indoor air in optimal parameters and avoid having it contaminated with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, bacteria, nitrogen dioxide, mold, allergens, yeast, radon, precipitated particulate, aerobiology, etc.

Resort to the professional services of air quality testing Edmonton to make sure you and your family are breathing a safe and clean air, as no DIY air testing kit is as precise as specialized teams can be. Modern PURAIR does more than provide you with test results. We provide real solutions and help you combat the contaminants, regardless if you own an industrial space, a commercial space or a house.

We work with the most accurate residential air monitoring technology and our team is highly trained and qualified. Rest assured discovering the problems with your indoor air is the first step in ridding your house of them.

The quality of the indoor air we breathe can have a big impact on our health, happiness and productivity, given that we spend 90% of our time in enclosed spaces, and in most industrialized cities, the indoor air is up to ten times more polluted than the one outside. By performing a regular air quality testing Edmonton, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from various respiratory problems like allergies, asthma or even more dangerous diseases.

The only way you can improve the quality of your indoor air is by knowing exactly what pollutes it. Modern PURAIR technicians can provide extensive information on the composition, source and levels of any air pollutants present in your building, regardless if your problems come from chemical outgassing, mold, bacterial issues, an improper ventilation system, high levels of humidity, etc. With the proper information at hand, we will take the adequate measures to improve the quality of your property’s indoor air.

Our technicians will bring to your property a portable air monitor which will be plugged into a wall outlet in your home. After 3 days of running tests of gathering data, the technicians will analyze 6 key air quality factors the Canadian Healthy Indoors Partnership recognize as being critical. With this piece of equipment, we are able to test for any number of volatile organic compounds, particles and airborne contaminants. Afterwards, you can access your IAQ report and your secure online report. The first one is available to you 24 hours after we pick up the Canary IAQ machine, while the second you can access 24/7 using a user name and password which we will provide.

Don’t settle for the second best. Choose Modern PURAIR. We are on the leading edge of the HVAC cleaning industry offering our Edmonton clients:

  • certified and trained personnel;
  • ASHRAE & WCB compliant Indoor Air Quality Workplace regulations;
  • source vacuum removal service of the highest efficiency;
  • Electrostatic Filtration products of the highest quality;
  • Ultraviolet lighting systems with the newest technology.

We know the quality of breathable air impacts the health and productivity of all people, and that is why we put at your disposal our services. Call Modern PURAIR today and benefit from our special offer of $100 off: 3 days air quality testing Edmonton and full report for only $399.